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Caregiving Strong is an Independent Patient Navigator Program for caregivers and their loved ones. We are not clinical and do not provide direct patient care.  We are not partnered with any physician office,  health care system or insurance company. We work directly for you!  We are your advocates when healthcare , home care or rehabilitation services need to be accessed for your loved one! 

We serve caregivers whose loved one has a chronic disease or disability that requires them to enter into the health care system for clinical services including:  Diagnosis, treatments, inpatient/outpatient care, physician appointments, surgical procedures, rehabilitation or home health care.  

We advocate for patient-centered quality health care needs as your 


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Family Care Services

Care Planning and Documents


A primary caregiver needs a plan and documentation to share with the healthcare team. Ask us about creating a care plan with you today! 

Patient Visits/Appointments


When you can't be there, we can!  We can accompany your loved one to doctor appointments or visit them in the Hospital, rehab.or long term care facility to see that needs are being met and the space is safe.  

Transition Care Support


Bridging the gap from one place to another is critical! That's why continuity between locations is so important. We will stay beside your loved one when they move from unit to unit or are planning to go to rehabilitation or home. 

Community Navigator


Need community resources? Let us find it for you! Our navigation team will find resources for home care, long term care, respite, medical supplies, transportation and more.  We also coordinate physician appointments!

Hospital Acquired Infections


 Hospital and long term care infections can cause serious complications for your loved one.  We visit health centers to ensure staff are diligent about infection control and will observe clean techniques and prepare the room to help prevent infection.

Healthcare Conferences


Sometimes the care team (Including family members, physicians, therapists, home care staff, educators and others) need to discuss your loved one's needs together. 

It's always good to be on the same page! 

Community Education, Workshops & Coaching

Caregiver Workshop


  There is far more to caregiving than the hands on care of a caree. We teach caregivers how to plan, coordinate services, manage home care and long term facility services. Caregivers can help to ensure quality care by understanding ethical issues, preventing infections, and by building strong communication skills.  

Caregiver Presentation


  The 6 Stages of Caregiving is a presentation to help caregivers better understand their caregiving journey. Carers will identify new ways to manage emotional struggles, tasks and stressors of caregiving and will better appreciate their strengths.



You need to be healthy to be a caregiver! We will help you stay strong by encouraging you to manage time, balance activities, reach your goals and ensure that you take care of yourself.
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